Our Story

Who we are, what we love?

“ Saint VII is a collection of carefully curated and collected items, a gallery of clothes, fragrances and art objects. We are the home of Saint d'Ici natural perfumes which have been carefully and cleverly sourced from small scale farmers and artisanal distillers.

We love the magic of small details especially when they are done by hand. We love stories about people and places and are drawn to objects which tell those stories. We love understated clothing and fragrance that is soulful, durable, carefully considered and acknowledgeds the human hands through which it has passed. We love things that are exquisitely and naturally made with kindness to the environment. 

We care about how things feel and how they make us feel. We care about freedom of choice, freedom of movement and about feeling free in general. We think the best things in life are made with care to last and appreciate with age.

Our clothing and fragrances are gender neutral."